UFC Ultimate Fighter Off To Great Start; Quenton Rampage Jackson Loses As Coach Again

I didn’t even know there were going to be free fights on before the season premiere of the Ultimate Fighter on Spike…so I’m really glad I tuned in early.

The main event was Nate Diaz against Melvin Guillard. But before that fight, Nate Quarry took on Tim Credeur. While Tim was more than happy to stand and trade with Nate, Quarry probably felt a bit safer on the ground. After rocking Credeur, which isn’t easy to do, he followed the fight to the ground where he spent most of the time on top of Credeur. Tim’s Jiu Jitsu did not have much effect on Nate and Nate was never really threatened on the ground at all. That’s how most of the 3 rounds went– they started standing up trading blows, Quarry would rock Credeur and then the fight would go to the ground  where Nate controlled on top. Although Tim was game  for most of the fight, he looked a bit overpowered as he got rocked a couple times and spent most of the rounds on his back in the ground in pound game. The reason this fight got “fight of the night” is because Credeur was able to absorb so much punishment from Quarry. SO, even though Tim lost, at least he got a nice bonus out of it.

In the main event, I thought Melvin Guillard had a good chance to take out Nate Diaz with his power. I also thought Nate had a decent shot to submit Guillard. Before the fight, Nate looked like a caged animal that wanted to tear Guillard apart for talking about his mother (not that Guillard actually did, but that’s what it looked like). So, DIaz was obviously amped for the fight, and rightly so. Guillard’s quickness, power, and athleticism was evidenced on Nate’s bloody face early on. Of course, it isn’t really a fight until a Diaz gets bloodied first. The one thing Diaz had going for him, other than his heart and determination, was his reach. However, Guillard seemed to get comfortable with his own power. In the 2nd round, they some how end up on the ground, and guess what? The over-powered Diaz pulls another choke out of nowhere to submit Guillard. This is becoming vintage Nate Diaz. Fight someone bigger, stronger, and more athletic than you only to win by submission. Kudos to Diaz.

As promoted, Kimbo Slice made his debut on the Ultimate Fighter. When teams needed to be picked, Rampage took Kimbo first. I love Rampage because he is such a funny, down to earth guy–now he shows his loyalty too. But I’m not too sure that loyalty won’t come back to haunt him. After losing the coin toss, Jackson got to pick the first 2 fights. He picks his big mechanical engineer that’s good with numbers and supposedly has good standup to go against Rashad’s best wrestler. One thing Rashad was looking for in his picks was guys that were coachable. In past seasons, many guys have lost because of not listening to their coach. Evans is on the right track here. Just according to game plan, with barely a second gone by in the fight, Rashad’s wrestler takes the taller engineer down only to split the guys head open. Man was there a lot of blood. Credit the engineer for answering the bell in the 2nd round–which was pretty much a replay of the first round. Rather than give specific instructions to his fighter on how to get up, Rampage just keeps yelling get up. His guy evidently needed a bit more tutelage, such as kick away, spin-out, go for Kimora–you know–coach stuff. So Rampage’s guy loses big time on the score cards–it’s not even close. Afterwards, they show you the gash in the guys head and you can almost see his brain–yikes!

So good job for Rashad picking a coachable guy with a good game plan. Rampage needs to work on his fight match-up and coaching skills. Can’t wait until next week.


Nate Diaz Wins By Submission; Quarry, Credeur Earn Fight Of The Night

Diaz, Stephens, Quarry, and Credeur Earn UFN 19 “Fight Night” Bonuses: ”

Nate QuarryThe UFC on Wednesday awarded $30,000 “fight night” bonuses to Nate Diaz, Jeremy Stephens, Nate Quarry, and Tim Credeur for their performances at UFC Fight Night 19.

Diaz took home “Submission of the Night” for his main event guillotine of Guillard, Stephens received “Knockout of the Night” for his stoppage of Justin Buchholz due to cuts on the preliminary card, while Quarry and Credeur earned “Fight of the Night” for their three-round war the kicked off the event’s Spike TV-broadcast.

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Pictured: Nate Quarry