Wes Sims Is Asking For Frank Mir

Rumble at the Rhino: Wes Sims wants trilogy match with Frank Mir … anywhere: “


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“If we had a time capsule, everyone knows that first fight [against Frank Mir], I won. Even if I hadn’t stomped him I would’ve pounded him straight through the cage. When I dropped him on his head, he was unconscious. End result, he was laying unconscious and I had my hands raised. Second fight, I’ve said it so many times I believe it myself, I won. Everyone can see Big John made the wrong call. Sure I got rocked. But when I hit the ground, I was pulling guard, John stopped it too early, and it cost him his job…. I definitely want one more fight with Frank before I’m done. In the UFC, in the Spearmint Rhino, wherever it’s going to have to happen, I want a third fight. I want to believe that there isn’t a single night he goes to bed that he doesn’t think about fighting me to redeem his honor. But he’s probably mentally blocked me out of his head so he can live day to day. That’s just my thoughts, though.”

Where do we begin. Octagon veteran and current contestant on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10, Wes Sims, talks about wanting a third and final fight against former interim heavyweight champion, Frank Mir, sometime in the future. Sims bragged (incorrectly) on the first episode of the show that he defeated Mir twice. The reality is he lost both matches via disqualification (kicking a downed opponent) and technical knockout (he argues premature stoppage). Regardless, Sims has convinced himself otherwise. And now that he’s back in the spotlight wants another crack at the Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist to demonstrate that he does indeed have his number — even if it means getting in a barroom brawl at his old high-end strip club haunt, Spearmint Rhino, where Mir served as a bouncer. That’s perhaps the only chance he might get … at least in the near term. Mir is currently booked to take on Cheick Kongo at UFC 107 on Dec. 12. Meanwhile, Sims still has to prove he belongs back in the UFC with a solid run through the 16-man tournament-style show, which culminates with one final match at TUF 10 Finale on Dec. 5. Will it ever happen? Perhaps more important, do you want to see it happen? The pre-fight promos and smack talk alone could be epic.


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