(Photo) Forrest Griffin Gives Reason For Early Cage Exit

UFC Quick Quote: Angry Pirate to blame for Forrest Griffin’s early cage exit at UFC 101: ”

“That’s dumb. [People who criticized me leaving the cage] are idiots. Why? Nobody cares. I mean, I don’t think the losers were going to speak that night anyway, you know. Just get on with the next fight already. This guy actually asked me a good question the other day, and this is a real story and I really like it: first off, he was very confrontational; I didn’t like him much to begin with, and he goes, ‘Hey, man, I have to know,’ because it’s his business to know, ‘why did you run out of the cage that night after the Silva fight?’ And I said, ‘Look, man, I haven’t told anybody, let’s keep this on the down low, but the truth is your mom was waiting for me in the back to suck my d***, and you know how good of a b*** j** your mom gives, so I didn’t want to be late for that sh**.’ And that’s pretty much the answer I give. I like that answer, so I’ll give that answer to everyone.”

– Forrest Griffin gives MMA Fanhouse his usual shtick in regards to answering for his mad dash to the locker room following his knockout loss to Anderson Silva at UFC 101. The former light heavyweight champ — who also bolted from the cage after getting clowned by Keith Jardine at UFC 66 — doesn’t feel obligated to stay for the official announcement when he gets creamed. But does skipping town early disrespect his opponent — and the fans? Opinions please.